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Enterprise Car Sales was established in 1962 by Enterprise Rent-A-Car founder Jack Taylor and is an expanded service of the Enterprise Holdings, the largest rental car company in North America.

Janet mentioned, "My family rented a Enterprise car for our OBX vacation for 7 days. When I received my bill from my credit card I was billed for ten days. To compound that, I was also sent a bill for damage that I am certain we didn’t cause. I have spoken to 2 different representatives in the last month. Each time I was told this needed to go to upper management. Each time I was told I would be called in 2 to 3 days. Still waiting. I am now going to instruct my credit card to dispute this fraud. Never using Enterprise again."


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Former Employee - Car Detailer says

"Not much in the way of growth opportunities"

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"They stopped giving us food"

Former Employee - Enterprise Rent A Car - Assistant Manager says

"If you like cleaning cars, in 100 degree weather in your nicest suit"

Former Employee - Car Prep says

"Well lets see, I want to write an essay on how lame my four years here were, but I know that is kind of pointless in a simple review but Im doing it anyway. One of my many issues with my experience here was the pay. In my four years as a car prep, I never got a pay raise, until recently when the minimum wage went up to $15, but they still paid me $14, so there is that. Now before I got laid off, I was going to go back to college so I could join the internship program to become an MT, but well Coronavirus happened, and every single part time employee in my region was also given the boot. (Give me a break Enterprise, you are a fortune 250 company that makes $30B+ a year). At one time I was literally the only car prep at my branch, and I can never recall a time when my branch was properly staffed number wise, which I believe is probably the most prevalent and most cited con at this job. The whole sales culture really bothered me, and I understand the sales and profits aspect of a car rental company, but it was just like really really forced. I could see it in my coworkers faces every time they had to drive down for "training," if thats really what you can call it. Its basically corporate area managers and vice regional managers forcing sales Koolaid down your throat, trying to get you to commit 110% to sales and ESQI, and no matter how angry a customer is or how poorly they are behaving, just do whatever the customer wants and kiss their butt. I had several conversations with some of my MT coworkers, and they just all kind of felt the same. There is no work/life balance, the hours are grueling, customers can be the worst people you will ever meet,(I met some of the crappiest people in my life while working here). Everything about this company is about making corporate look good no matter how childish and undeserving a customer may be, and the call center system is very poorly set up. I saw them when they were stressed, and it bothered me to see them so overwhelmed by all these negative factors that sadly are the work environment that Enterprise has decided to establish. DO NOT WORK HERE!!!"

Former Employee - Car Detailer says

"The treatment of the employees behind the scene is not what is shown to the public. The favoritism is strong to certain employees more than others. The entrance to the store is too close to the garage. Very dangerous for the public. Certain drivers have no respect for the safety of the customers or themselves."

Current Employee - Car Detailer says

"they want you to clean 4 cars an hour which is no big deal once you're use to it, but then that isn't even enough half the time and if all of the cars are not cleaned before the end of the day they want you to stay late to do more. Half the time you're the only person there cleaning cars so if more than 4 cars are returned within an hour there's pretty much no hope of catching up. If the branch is open on Sunday and you're the only person there just don't even worry about trying to leave on time because most branches are closed Sunday and all car returns for the day will be coming right to you."

Current Employee - Fleet Support Technician Car Club says

"Poor salary, management have no interest when your at the bottom of the ladder, managed by people who don't understand the business or job role, salary always paid wrongly, sent here there and everywhere usually for no reason"

Former Employee - Account Executive - Car Sales says

"Low base salary based on 50+ hours per week, far too promotional opportunities, unable to post for opportunities outside of your area or region despite the company being nationwide"

Enterprise Rent A Car says

"awful hours lack of training poor monthly bonus scheme poor branch management"

Enterprise Rent A Car says

"Slave labour . Minimum wage for maximum work . 1/2 lunch break for a 10 hour day sometimes taking it after 3.00pm ."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worked here over a year. Terrible work life balance, and even worse pay. Dealing with awful customers all day, promising cars even though no one will help you get any. Washing nasty vehicles in dress clothes. This job gives you depression and anxiety. Not worth it, RUN FAR FAR AWAY! On top of it, NO LUNCHES!!Absolutely none.Everything"

Return Agent (Tri-Brand Car Inspector) says

"They don't follow core standards. They treat employees with little to no respect. You are literally a number on a spreadsheet to them and they will find ways of making life hard for you there. Most times you run 8 hour days with no lunch break because they keep branches understaffed. Miserable. Insurance availableEverything from management to customers"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Take recent college grads and make them feel like they will be making a good amount of money and will be able to grow. Really you are making $15/hr but you work 8 hours of overtime minimum each week.NothingEverything"

Exit Booth Agent (Current Employee) says

"In the interview they will tell you that it's a family oriented company with plenty of growth potential, its a lie! They don't give raises; and they're constantly trying to figure out ways to cut your inventive payouts and bonuses. They will offer overtime, but its a scam. They will let everyone else go home, and leave you to do 100+ rentals by yourself. Oh, and don't think the mangers will be of any assistance, because you will have to train them. If you're lucky enough to find a way out of training someone that's supposed to be managing you, you will have to train the new hires. You wont be paid for any-of this by the way. If they have a union it's hard to get firedpay, management, non-existent growth potential, retaliatory practices"

Management Trainee, (Former Employee) says

"Being underpaid and overworked are requirements for employees. Management are quick to point fingers at employees and are quick to threaten you with unemployment. Customers are not treated fairly and are lied to.12 hour shifts(3 hours unpaid), Poor Management, Lack of training"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Overtime is a must and if you have a family forget that because they don’t care about that. They set your goals so high you can’t achieve them so you end up making a tad over minimum wage. What a joke stay far away NoneLong hours horrible pay"

Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"They actually don’t practice what they preach. Stressful and disheartening work, long hours short staff, less pay, easy to get burned out. Stress of working with limited resources takes its toll.."

Management Trainee (Current Employee) says

"This company will work you to the bone. They hire new MTs to do majority of the work while the manager sits down all day. Expect to wash a lot cars in the sun and go through a lot of shoes. Pay sucks for the number of hours you work, you get taxed like crazy so you don’t even make that much at the end of the year.NoneLiterally anyone can become a manager as long as you stay with the company, which leads to terrible management at the top"

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They paint a pretty picture for you but once you enter the cult like company it is pretty clear if you’re not a fanatical blind follower then you will not cut it."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Enterprise is the worst job I have ever had they set these goals for you to fail they are very prestige I would never recommend this company for anybody to work for Work from homeEverything"

Car Washer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Enterprise part-time for a month before taking on another opportunity that would not work with the Enterprise schedule I was working. The new opportunity was deemed non-essential in March and am not due to return until sometime in October. I re-applied due to Enterprise being one of the few companies in the area hiring and my previous experience. Had a phone interview with regional hiring manager. Her skepticism in my motives for wanted to re-apply with the company were front and center and was offered an in-person interview. Assured me employees would be wearing masks, gloves and social distancing would be enforced. Asked for a phone interview but request was rejected. At the in-person interview, the hiring manager was also rude and skeptical towards my motives for wanting to return. I literally had to say "I have a family and need an income to provide for them at this incredible difficult time". All he said in response was "We're not in the practice of spending time on training people for them to just leave." The personal grudge for quitting was front and center. Several employees (including management) did not wear face coverings or had them on improperly and no gloves. Social distancing was also not practiced once inside the branch office.no drug testing, can vape on the clock, lots of downtime, drive cars you can't affordpaper checks never received on payday, bad weather, no training, no management presence"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"This job comes with zero work life-balance. You will be promised vast sums of money once you work your way up the management ladder but in reality very few managers make any commission at all. More often than not, the branch will be underperforming and management trainees will walk away with more money than the managers. You will be constantly working late due to a shortage of cars and unrealistic workload, you’ll also receive very little thanks in return. Within the company there are some very good people but unfortunately this all gets lost in a truly awful blame culture that filters down for senior management. This job comes with extremely high levels of stress, overworked and underpaid. You will normally work an 11 hour day minimum with a 30 minute break if your lucky depending on how busy the branch is. During my time at enterprise I witnessed several cases of bullying (by senior management), and if you don’t ‘bleed green’ you’ll quickly find yourself being forced out the company. A lot of good people within the companyZero work-life balance, overworked underpaid, high levels of stress and a strong blame culture"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"If you want to be stressed, get no recognition and work 60 hours a week with poor pay then this job is for you. Terrible management and get left by yourself a lot to get shouted at by customers because everything is so unorganizedLike minded people, great workforcePushed to breaking point most people stay for a year then can’t take any more"

Management Trainee (Former Employee) says

"Awful management at north Riverside, awful pay stressful, etc I’ve never met a more evil, mean spirited boss in my life; chaddney was an angel but not the othersI livedThey’re still in business"

Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management at branch j2 in loganville. While a manager tells you to do one thing, another manager comes around to tell you that what you were doing for the first manager is wrong. Lead to a loop of confusion and unproductive actions."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"I started out with the company as an intern and I soon learned that this company is built on lies. The growth you're promised depends on how well you suck up to your misogynistic male leadership. Not mention, being a female in this business will not only leave you feeling grossly creeped out when you have a sick pervert of a customer but your immediate managers will make you feel even worse STAY AWAY FROM ENTERPRISE! The money isn’t worth it"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management sucks you work as a labor in a suit. Nobody respects your work or time. The management works over 80 hours a week and get paid nothing. worst company ever."

Reservations Agent (Former Employee) says

"Managers suck , they pressure sales for thier expensive cars you are blamed of people don't get cars the company lies all the time it is corporate at its best, all the managers in St Louis are lying greedy scumbags don't work here"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"48 hours on a GREAT week- bad weeks 65+. Life of a taxi driver constantly on the road, which is great if you work with nice people- rubbish if your working with unfriendly people! Constantly short on cars or getting last minute reservations resulting in working late, unpredictable and you aren’t allowed to turn them down. A complaint your branch is fined £1000. Promoted to management and it gets worse, they tell you that you have unlimited earning ability however take money of for everything. Some months I have earns a lot less than minimum wage when worked out hourly rate."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't waste your time with this company, they do not reward loyalty or hard work and instead they lay you and keep under performers. They will work you to the bone, pay you peanuts, and fill you up with false promises. Your promotion is based on who likes you, not how good of a job you are doing."

Bailey Davis says

"MURRAY KENTUCKY ENTERPRISE BOZOs. I made a reservation online for a VA appointment that I have that takes 3 months to get. When i got there my daughter left and i was stranded and they said all their vehicles were reserved for other people that made reservations earlier than i did. So now im carless stranded 100percent disabled Vet with no car to get to an appointment over an hour away from me drive time. PLEASE do not use this company"

Home Confort says

"Null reservation cancel one hour before the checking without any clear explanation. Not possible to join by phone after"

Randi says

"Since I keep getting the run around with talking to someone in charge. I purchase a 2019 Nissan Altima SR from Pennsauken NJ location on 7/28/20 they were awesome at the time of sale even the manager was very welcoming and very helpful. I drove the car off the lot loved it until the check engine light came on 40minutes later. I immediately called the location and Richard said he just put gas in it and maybe the cap might not be all the way on, so I went to the gas station filled up and the next day the light went off. (Thank Goodness) 8/1- I was driving around running errands and the check engine light came on again I call the location to see if I could obtain a service record to see it the car needed a tune-up or oil change. It was the end of day Saturday and Richard said he would send it Monday morning when that department opens but I can still make an appointment at Nissan or an ASE shop to get it looked at. I made an appointment with Nissan for Monday morning at 7am. 8/3-I was immediately informed I would be charged a DIAGNOSTIC FEE for looking at the car. I kept explaining it was under warranty and Enterprise never told me of a fee. I borrowed the money and the test was done. I needed a Grill Shutter which would be $224.00 not including labor. I asked for the keys and I headed towards enterprise Pennsauken, because this was not right. On the way to the location Richard emailed me asking am I sure it’s the check engine light and attached an “ENTERPRISE VEHICLE CERTIFICATION CHECKLIST” which was blank. No information about the history was on this attachment. When I arrived at the location I told Richard about the Fee I was charged, and he said he didn’t know about a fee and he would have sent me to one of his shops. Richard knows I live 40minutes away, so I went to the ASE shop he said I could go too. After He told me that I called all Shops in my area and they all charge for a diagnostic check when a light is on. I told Richard I haven’t even enjoyed this car yet because I keep having issues and he apologized but all he could tell me is I can go to a shop in the area. I asked for my money back and a refund for the Diagnostic test and all I received was $1,300 out $1,500 and he said they can’t refund me the $200 that I paid to Nissan. This is very unprofessional and very time consuming because I really wanted this car and to have to drive back to Pennsauken for the Manager (Jennifer) not to even come out of the office to try to help with situation was even worst. Richard had to keep going in and talking to her. I have always heard great things about purchasing a car from Enterprise, but this was my worst car buying experience this far. And for the fact that I am getting the run around when calling the sales corporate office is ridiculous. I had the car for 6 days and I can’t even get the respect of a phone call back"

Christy Berger says

"Left my personal vehicle where employee told me at Enterprise Joplin Missouri upon arriving car missing I called to report stolen only to find it was towed as they dont own the parking. NOW the towing company wont release without verification from my note holder to release. Please read and dont fall victim to this scam."

Delia Mustin says

"Well, I have to say that being deceived for a sale is really disappointing. I found myself very unfortunately having to purchase a vehicle in an emergency situation so emotions ran high and logic was out the window, so naturally I didn't spend alot of time shopping for the best choice. I left most of the work in sales rep hands due to super distressing matters on the home front. I was sure I wanted a certain vehicle, but then that vehicle was sold out (or was it??) come time to close the sale with $0 deposit. The rep told me "no worries you can trade your newly purchased vehicle later for a new another one in three months. We will simply buy it back." Well, suffice to say I could hardly wait for the 3 months to be up....timely loan payments...awesome credit...yeepee..the works. However, to be honest, had I known that there was no way that Enterprise would allow me to trade the vehicle without a $5000 deposit (interest on current loan), I would have returned the vehicle pronto within buyer's remorse period. Now I have to either come up with $5000 to get the vehicle I want or be stuck with the one I have for the next 6 years. The rep worked many years with Enterprise and shows very many workplace awards, so he had to have known that the chances were slim of me exchanging the vehicle I just bought from them without very massive expense. Very deceitful. If you gonna get a vehicle from Enterprise BE VERY SURE that its the vehicle you can stay in for the half a decade or be prepared to pay up front the interests on the old trade in as well as the interest on the new car. Cunning and what goes around comes around. You just don't take advantage of people this way. Hope you all have a long and "satisfying" career doing what you do on a daily. Lesson learned! Morale: Warren car sales pros will go as far as lying to you (nondisclosure if also lying) and be extremely nice to you (pick up you up from home to close a sale) and totally not return your calls after running your credit based on deliberately partial info...leaving you calling back and forth for a response. So sad. But lesson learned. Still have life and love. Wow!"

David Doolittle says

"Valdosta Ga. Had a rental approve by Contract from Allstate insurance company. Enterprise did not have an economic car available so at first refused to upgrade per contract obligation. Finally after manager spoke to insurance company and agreed to the Contract I got a car. Very unprofessional attitude from front desk clerk's. A Contract agreement is what it says. HEADACHE FOR SURE."

Matt Hemker says

"I never would have believed that a company that I admired for YEARS would be capable of the rude and unprofessional behavior that I encountered at the Dunn Rd Enterprise car sales in St Louis MO. On 12/4/17, my wife and I had intended to purchase a late model car. Instead I was verbally assaulted after voicing to the manager, my perception and concerns regarding the unethical sales tactics they were utilizing. ( lost keys, delaying our exit, lowballing our trade-in offer, etc...) After requesting the return of my deposit, the salesman became irate and verbally abusive, even continuing after his manager instructed him to stop."

Kriss J. Haring says

"The car that I purchased in 2113, I do still have it, never appeared to have been properly serviced while a rental. The air filter was horrific So I doubt they did any of the up keep. I really wasn't all that pleased with the salesman, After two weeks he kept calling for referrals by then all the stupid issues had been taken care of. Because I chose a quality care and take good care of it, it does still run."

Bernard Jenkins says

"This past November I bought a Nissan Altima from the dealership in Lanham, MD. Later, I became aware of the cheapest of tires that were on the car, also it did not have alloy wheels. I believe they replaced the good tires with these ones."

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